A profound betrayal of women

Originally posted on Brighton_Jock:
There is a depressing and concerning article in today’s Guardian. Reading it this morning plunged me into a sense of genuine despair and fuelled an acute anxiety that I cannot shake. The story reveals the existence of a database on to which ordinary men – husbands, boyfriends, fathers, sons –…

I’m a woman who won’t wheesht

My message to the Scottish Government is that we are no longer accepting your failure to engage with our VALID concerns. We will not succumb to the bullying of your fly lords. We will be heard!

Selling yourself for sex is not a job

The sex industry is about control and people having what they want, regardless of the needs and wants of others. Supporting people into entering the “oldest profession” is simply enabling harm against them. Those being harmed are predominantly women.

Lesbians have the right to say no

Whoever you are as a lesbian, you have the right to be yourself, to claim your place as a woman who rejects male bodies and male attention, to assert your boundaries as a same-sex attracted women.

See our voices

In powerful verse, how women are using their voices in ever more inventive ways to tackle the oldest struggle of all – to win and retain our rights

Women’s feelings matter, too

I was at the demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament because I am deeply worried about the erosion of women’s rights. It really is that simple.


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3 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Hello ladies,

    I’m in Newcastle, south of the border obviously, but I would love to leave some of your flyers about for our local lassies to see what’s going on in Scotland and what it will mean for us all. Is there any way I could get some flyers to distribute? I’m happy to contribute to the costs.


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