Let’s talk about sex, not gender identity

We urge the committee to consider how Scotland can uphold its legal obligation to eliminate discrimination against women with the introduction of gender self-ID and how the conflict between sexual orientation and gender identity can be resolved when one is given greater precedence.

More questions than answers

Next up, prisons. We asked whether he was concerned that a 6ft 5inch male sex offender who battered a fellow male prisoner was an appropriate person to be housed in the female prison estate? Definite answer this time. No. Was the risk-assessment process working? No, it wasn’t. We asked whether the women in that prison…

Scotland’s Greens lead the way in intolerance and misogyny

In an open letter to Patrick Harvie, co-leader of the Scottish Green Party, @WitchyMcWitch says his failure to call out his supporters’ Trumpian behaviour is souring public discourse When did it all go so wrong? The Green Party is supposed to be the party of science. The party of tolerance. The party for left-wing, intelligent…

Proposed gender reform is ‘bad law’

The [Gender Recognition Reform] Bill carries a high risk of becoming another piece of bad law, with unintended consequences which will be most damaging to women and to young people at their most vulnerable.

Only a game?

Here we reproduce the letter we have sent to SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell on the governing body’s review of its transgender inclusion policy, due this year Dear Ian Maxwell Women Voting With Our Feet was formed in 2021 to protect and fight for the sex-based rights of women and girls. These are rights legally…

Know the score

When the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities, Human Rights and Civic Justice Committee hears about the effect of GRA reform and gender self-ID on women’s sport today, the voices they will hear from will be male.

The day we deserve

Sharing without comment (but you can) this reply from a current North Lanarkshire councillor to the invite to our public meeting in Motherwell last night #SoleSistersGRA #WomenWontWheesht


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  1. Hello ladies,

    I’m in Newcastle, south of the border obviously, but I would love to leave some of your flyers about for our local lassies to see what’s going on in Scotland and what it will mean for us all. Is there any way I could get some flyers to distribute? I’m happy to contribute to the costs.


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