Find your courage and speak up

Speaking up that day taught me two things: little acts of bravery can make you braver, and also it’s not really that brave to express these views on sex and gender because most people share them.

Age gap in the gender trap

Dylan’s lyrics suggest the more we experience in life, the less we understand. And youth in all its certitude will eventually cede to a more mature, less dogmatic perspective. I agree. But then, I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.


Stonewall was once a beacon for positive action and for creating social change by persuasive and progressive means.
No longer. It is time to #defundStonewall.

The real battle has just begun

So, when the parties asking for your vote tomorrow promise the marvellous things they’re going to do for women, be aware – they’re not really thinking of you, your daughter, your mum, your sister, your auntie, your niece, your granny. Because if anyone can be a woman, nothing is for women.

A Women’s Manifesto is needed NOW

We reject the notion that women’s rights and protections must inevitably be sacrificed to accommodate any other group. The Manifesto serves as a reminder to candidates and their parties that women are more than half of the population and we will make our voices heard – especially at the ballot box.

Shoe show on Glencoe

The Sole Sisters and their shoe protest are on tour across Scotland! On April 30, Lochaber, glorious Glencoe and beautiful Ben Nevis provided a stunning backdrop to the demonstration of #WomenVotingWithOurFeet. There are just five days to go until the Scottish Parliament elections. Our message remains clear: if you don’t respect our sex, don’t expect … Continue reading Shoe show on Glencoe

Harvie’s words were outrageously offensive

How does Mr Harvie think his likening of minority women to fully intact men makes little girls, too young to wax or pluck, feel about having a “moustache like a boy” or a nose too strong to be truly feminine?


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