The day we deserve

We organised a public meeting in Motherwell for March 30 and invited all sitting local councillors and MSPs to attend. Most did not respond to our email. But we did receive this immediate reply from a current South Lanarkshire councillor, which we share without comment

Good afternoon,  

I am delighted to advise that I will not be attending your meeting where you state you will discuss Gender Recognition reform but do not advertise any transgender speakers, just as I would not attend a meeting about disabled issues where none of the invited speakers had lived experience of disability.  

As Gender Recognition reform is a matter for UK and Scottish Parliament legislation in which local councils have no locus, I can only assume that the purpose of your email is to identify those who support trans rights and add them to one of your wee lists – Hi! 

You know very well that the proposed reforms to the GRA do not offer new rights to trans people nor do they remove rights from any women. “The potential effect on children and young people from the proposed gender recognition reform” is very emotive isn’t it? Especially when you consider that the proposed legislation does not include any changes to the rights of children.  

You do not speak for me. I support the rights of all women.  

To be clear, please feel free to add me to your so-called ‘women’s rights campaign’s’ list of women candidates that you intend to encourage your ‘gender critical’ associates not to vote for in the council elections.  

Wishing you the day you deserve 

Councillor Janine Calikes (She/her)

3 thoughts on “The day we deserve

  1. Oh dear, a brain-dead libfem. Allowing any man who calls himself a woman into any women’s spaces and sports does negatively impact on women and girls, and only a fool can’t see that. Until now, we’ve had a blanket rule that kept men out of women’s spaces for a damn good reason, and that reason doesn’t change according to the clothes men choose to wear.

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  2. Couldn’t even be bothered to couch her comments in ‘professional’ language.
    Why so snippy if the subject of GRA is beyond her remit?
    Wishing this Councillor the election result “she deserves”.


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