The Great Pretence

There is no evidence that predatory and abusive men have ever had to pretend to be anything else to carry out abusive and predatory behaviour

Shona Robison MSP, Scottish Parliament, March 3, 2022

If we are no longer allowed to recognise sex, says @lazyjoolz, then there’s no such thing as a single-sex space or service. So it’s time Scotland’s politicians stopped lying to us

Our political class is lying to us. They know, we know, that predatory men can and will pretend to be anything that enables them to break down women’s and children’s boundaries, to make us trust them, in order to abuse and hurt us.

As though Jimmy Savile cared about children’s charities.

As though Catholic priests were wrapped up in doctrinal arguments.

As if gymnastic coaches were concentrating on asymmetric bars.

Are children to believe the man who wants to show them his puppies? Because predatory men, remember, never had to pretend to be anything.

They don’t have to, no. They choose to do so if it gets them nearer their prey.

Noticing sex is natural

Why are we being lied to? What’s the purpose? The purpose was spelled out in a neat thread by Lucy Hunter-Blackburn last night, where she shared her experiences of flat-sharing with men and women.

Noticing sex is seen to be something that we all do, but it looks like our politicians wish we didn’t. Why is that?

The government doesn’t want us to recognise sex anymore. It tells us we’re bigoted if we call a man, a man. Most of the MSPs in the Scottish Parliament believe this. They think calling a man a man is the same as insulting someone because of their race or sexuality.

They tell us you cannot know that is a man! If he feels like a woman, he is a woman! In order to enforce this ideology, it is vital that it is illegal and socially unacceptable to recognise someone’s sex.

We all have a right to privacy

This morning, @ScotsAHF pointed out what Article 8 in the Human Rights Act covers regarding a right all of us have to privacy.

We have the right to bodily autonomy; that is, to say who, gets to touch us, where and when. This matters when we talk about single-sex services: who gets to carry out intimate care acts on us, who gets to share sleeping accommodation with us etc.

If we’re told we cannot any longer recognise and talk about sex, we can no longer have single-sex services.

We’re not supposed to notice when a boy takes the place of our daughter on the football team. We’re not supposed to complain when the man called Fiona comes to get us up, toileted and dressed. We’ve to be quiet when men are put in women’s prisons. Calling a man a man is akin to being a racist.

Untethered from reality

Be under no illusions. The fantasy of “trans” is nothing other than that – a fantasy. People cannot change sex.

It suits those with power to pretend you can. Then there are no boundaries between male and female. It’s very intoxicating for a man to be able to say he’s a woman and have everyone go along with his fantasy.

It’s wonderful the political and legal system will back this man to the hilt and ensure anyone who protests – who says “that’s a man” – is called a bigot and possibly charged with a hate crime.

If we cannot recognise sex, we cannot confront sexism or misogyny. If any man can say he’s a woman and be accepted as such, all men can.

We’re not allowed to confront them because we’re not supposed to know they’re men. Being this untethered from reality is dangerous. It takes us into very deep, dark unchartered waters.

They need to get rid of the noisy women who won’t wheesht – we’re the only ones who can navigate us back home.

One thought on “The Great Pretence

  1. Completely agree. I have withdrawn my membership of the SNP and told them exactly why I’m doing so. After years of supporting this party. While I still want Independence in my lifetime I cannot in all conscience support this act. Why should a very small proportion of the population dictate to the rest of us, that is not democracy.


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