Inspiring grassroots activism

Sylvia*, a 48-year-old mum and carer from Edinburgh, tells Women Voting With Our Feet of her quiet but effective work promoting our postcards and more

You are doing such amazing work and I am so grateful to you. I’m not sure if you want or need to know any of this, but I just wanted to tell you about some things I have been quietly doing on my own behind the scenes.

I want you to know there are many women like me – quietly doing our own thing in our own communities too so you don’t feel all the pressure on your shoulders. We’ve got you!  

So I guess it’s best if I just list them:

  • Wrote to Sole Sisters/Voting With Our Feet and got some postcards, which I have distributed all around the place – cafe, church hall, Sainsbury’s, husband’s work bathroom, petrol station and more that I can’t remember. Unfortunately I haven’t felt comfortable/safe taking photos to show you, but don’t you worry – they are out there!
  • Wrote to all my MSPs through your Email Your MSPs tab. Only the Conservatives wrote straight back, assuring me they are standing for women and girls. Labour was non-committal as were LibDems and the SNP didn’t even answer. Lorna Slater of the Scottish Greens wrote back and basically told me to piss off – typical!
  • Told everyone who will listen all about the truth of what is going on. Every friend and acquaintance is getting very bored of me harping on about it, but I don’t care: this is bigger than me. I have helped “peak” a lot of people. That moment is awesome to watch – first scared, then denial, then shock, then sad, then angry!
  • After I heard Edinburgh Council had just voted to work with Stonewall, I wrote to all my councillors. Susan Webber from the Conservatives was the only one who wrote back, and she told me the Tories were the ONLY ones who voted against it. No wonder I didn’t hear back from anyone else. Weaklings! 
  • Wrote to my church leaders and asked if they would get involved and also contact the council. They said they had to look into it some more and would get back to me. They referred me to the EAUK (Evangelical Alliance).  
  • Found a booklet on the EAUK site that they had written to help other Christians on how to respond to this matter. It was TERRIBLE and spineless. I was furious. So guess what? I wrote to them too! I pulled the whole thing apart and gave references and pointed them to the correct facts and figures.
  • I then forwarded that email to my church leaders to let them know what the EAUK is saying. Also that email has a lot of info in one streamlined place, so it might make it easier for them to understand what’s really going on. I haven’t heard back from EAUK or my church yet, but I will update you when I do.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Keep up the great work – I’m so bluddy proud of you and all the other women (and men) fighting with us!

What a great example of why #WomenWontWheesht! If you have a similar story you want to share, please email us at Anonymity guaranteed if required.

*Name changed for safety reasons.

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