A profound betrayal of women

@Glesga_keelie is one of our regular contributors and was moved to write on misogyny and the betrayal of trust between men and women, which we thought worth sharing with our Sole Sisters audience


There is a depressing and concerning article in today’s Guardian.

Reading it this morning plunged me into a sense of genuine despair and fuelled an acute anxiety that I cannot shake.

The story reveals the existence of a database on to which ordinary men – husbands, boyfriends, fathers, sons – share and swap intimate (nude or otherwise) images of women in their lives (past or present) with other men.

Like Panini stickers for the porn generation.

Called AnonIB, the database has now gone behind a paywall so any unsuspecting woman will have to pay to find out if the man she loved has posted pictures of her for other men to… well, what do you think they’re doing with those images?

A dehumanising way to behave

There’s a deep sickness about so much modern culture. At its centre – as always – is how (some) men behave towards women…

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One thought on “A profound betrayal of women

  1. How bloody depressing! How do we even describe how sick this makes us feel, and how we wonder what is wrong with the men who do this. The ordinary men who do this, the men in our lives, the men we trust. The men who somehow think that the denigration of women is no big deal. I can only surmise that it’s because these are ‘small’ men in their different ways, who can only ‘big’ themselves up by disempowering someone else, and women are the low hanging fruit in this instance. That, and the fact that these men are both pathetic and vicious slaves to their stupid dicks.

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