Erasing word ‘mother’ is morally wrong

Midwife and mother @turtillachip says the Scottish Government’s rush for inclusion belittles one of humanity’s important roles

I write this while sitting in utter dismay and deep in thought at the newest step from our Scottish Government.

They have decided to erase the word mother to make it more inclusive for parents who do not wish to be called mother.

To call mothers people.

I can honestly say that, throughout this campaign on the erasure of women, this has to be one of the saddest, most utterly depressing decisions that Nicola Sturgeon and her government have come up with so far.

Every single person on earth was born of a mother

We all have a mother, every single person on this earth. Some may not know their mother, some may not be close to their mothers, but everyone, without exception, came from the body of a mother.

In my 22 years as a midwife, I have watched and supported women moving from life without children to becoming mothers.

It can be a joyous and tragic experience in equal measures. I’ve witnessed the blood, sweat and tears of harrowing labours and equally harrowing deliveries. What these women go through deserves nothing less than the accolade of being called mother.

Do not diminish women’s experiences

I’ve supported women who have had miscarriage after miscarriage and who finally get their much-longed-for child and are overwhelmed they can finally call themselves a mother.

I’ve held the hand of women in labour knowing their child would be born asleep. They are just as much that baby’s mother as the woman who is delivering her second, third or fourth child.

To diminish these women’s experiences by calling them anything other than mother is not only heartbreaking but morally wrong.

It is a privilege to be a mother, and celebrating that does not diminish anyone else’s experience. We can always be inclusive without erasing language that honours someone else’s experience.

Erasing reality is not inclusive

The Scottish Government does not have the right to take our words, our language, to make a sweeping decision that belittles one of the most important roles in humanity.

It is not inclusive to erase reality. It is a tragedy.

16 thoughts on “Erasing word ‘mother’ is morally wrong

  1. We in New Zealand watch Scotland with dismay, knowing that our own parliament is full of unbelievably stupid and traitorous women, too, who can’t be trusted not to follow in the Scottish parliament’s footsteps. I used to look forward to the day when women would rule – now I almost want men back in charge. At least we knew what we were up against then, instead of being betrayed by those who should be our allies. That is much more devastating. Plus, there were some men on our side, and not afraid to show it, whereas any women on the side of women now are afraid to show it, apart from a tiny few.

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  2. It is utterly depressing that this Government is hell bent on a full assault and denial of rights of 52% of the population, adult female humans, women, over at best guesstimate 0.9% of the population. Stonewall is a totalitarian, misogynistic organisation and have been outed by Stephen Nolan in his journalism. What is happening is shameful.

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    1. These demands on Mother Nature to be more inclusive is nonsense. You have to take it up with the Great Matrix and watch Skuld, toss you out on your inclusive asses.


  3. I am pro LGTB I am a heterosexual and a proud mother of a beautiful daughter. It took 9 years of trying g to get pregnant and a horrible 38 hour labour to finally hold my baby. I am proud to be called mother and this does not make me homophobic to say I want mother on her birth certificate I have earned that right. I am not spitting in the rights of others but why should they spit in my rights?

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  4. I am proud to be a mother, grandmother ! My daughter and daughter in law are also proud to be mother. I lost my mother 2 years ago and she was a mother in all sense of the word! This does not mean that I don’t appreciate that others can be ‘mothers’ just don’t take away our titles!!!!

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  5. Nicola Sturgeon you should be ashamed of yourself. If ever a word was meant to be in the dictionary it is MOTHER. How dare you try to take away who we are.
    Lets get the campaign going to object to this stupidity of a government.

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    1. If nobody follows this misogynist idea of erasing Mother from the Dicktionery, Nobody obeys this very weird law, then life will just go on s normal, and the name of our motherhood will remain what it has been.


  6. I heartily agree . I was a tomboy when I was a child, but grew into a real woman and being a mother was my most successful achievements and if we’re lucky we may have grandchildren, but we bring children into this world to have their own lives. Being called mother does not lesson the respect I have for women who choose or are not able to have children, their contribution to the world is just as important, whether they are doctors or fantastic aunties and godparents- my sister is all of those!


    1. The so-called activists are not LGBTQ, they are the cohorts of Male Rights activists who have nothing better to do than keep the “male’s junk” in the news. HUmanity is not as important, as gaining power over the majority of humans’ women. -I will never obey their language, after all, they are only 0.03 percent of humanity but want to act like they are our language nazis. Their feelings are not our responsibility.


  7. I actually can’t believe I’m reading this
    This decision is unbelievable
    I was blessed to deliver a beautiful daughter in 1986 and have every right to be called a mother


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