boaby at rape crisis

by @lazyjoolz, with sincere apologies to the late, great Tom Leonard’s liason coordinator

efturryd geenuz iz speel 
iboot whut was trans
nwhut was man
nwhut was nonbinary
naw that

a saszti the bloke
nwhut issit yi caw
yir joab, Wadhwa?

am a CEO at rape crisis
hi sayz oh good ah sayz
a bloke in charge of rape crisis
jist whut all wummin need
whut way all the male violence
inaw the services being cut tae ribbons
cannae get a conviction for rape for luv nor money
it last Nicla sent us
a bloke tae run rape crisis

sumdy with a brass neck
and a boaby
who thinks wummin have tae learn
tae reframe their trauma



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