Live and let live is no longer enough

@markky710202 on becoming gender critical

I wasn’t always this way. Only a few short years ago, if I thought about transwomen, I’d probably be like most people. Yes, they stood out, yes, you could tell, but I wasn’t about to point it out.

Life must be tough, so I’d be polite, I’d use female pronouns. In fact, only a few short years ago, I would have nodded that yes, this is a tiny minority, and I didn’t know enough about the situation. If trans people say they are the most marginalised and the most unsafe, who was I to argue?

So what’s changed? Well, everything actually. The mantra has taken hold that TWAW (transwomen are women) and there’s no debate. Question that and the toxicity is something else.

No debate turned out to mean that if TWAW is drawn into the light, the claim will collapse under its own absurdity, so that can’t be allowed to happen. Yet politicians are offering their pronouns to no one interested as though this is the biggest issue today.

The cynical amongst us wonder how and why a tiny minority could have such sway. Much has been written about the influence of those lobbying for gender identity to replace sex, and I’d encourage everyone to dig deeper. If woman becomes an identity rather than a sex, then we lose all the rights we know today. No more safe spaces. 

Gender identity is anything you want it to be, it’s undefined, unlike sex.

What really is the picture today of transwomen? Are they transsexuals? Not anymore.

I see men with beards calling themselves lesbians. I see a men’s rights movement gaslighting us to believe there’s no material difference between men and women. I see their allies denouncing us as bigots when we point out that sex is a protected characteristic

This is forced teaming and one day we won’t be able to object. So while I can still say it, transwomen are not women.

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