Straight to the heart of government

On Sunday, April 18, the Sole Sisters visited the constituency offices of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf. Mr Yousaf is a central figure in our peaceful protest that women’s voices are not being heard in policy-making and legislative changes. He is the architect of the Hate Crime Bill that offers the protection of the law to cross-dressing men but not to women. He is in charge of the Scottish Prison Service, which has a policy that means that male-born prisoners who self-identify as women are placed in women’s prisons – alongside the most vulnerable of women. He is responsible for Police Scotland who confirmed recently that a male accused of sexual assault or rape can claim a female gender identity and have his crime classified as committed by a woman, meaning his victim would then be expected to use female pronouns in court when describing how she was assaulted by the accused. Mr Yousaf says women who protest such policies and legislation are misinformed or misguided. We beg to differ.

One thought on “Straight to the heart of government

  1. As a resident in the Pollok constituency I bitterly regret my votes in the past for Humza Youssef and Nicola Sturgeon. I had such admiration and respect for the latter and that has come crashing down. When I saw her announcing her pronouns I could have cried with shame for her. How could you stoop so low Nicola as to imperil the position of other women? We might as well abandon teaching science. None of this rubbish can be given sunlight which would show it in all its madness. The result is reasoned argument blocked everywhere to avoid being pilloried.


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